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Kidville University

Kidville University® 2 Day Option $385

2’s program
Kidville University (KVU) is a social pre-school alternative program offering children a positive first school experience. Teachers serve as guides for parents and children during a gradual separation process tailored to each family.

KVU® Single Day Option $200Purchase required to enroll

Kidville University Purchase required to enroll

The Kidville University (KVU) program guides toddlers through social skills within a playful setting as they transition to school. The class offers a curriculum that stimulates their natural curiosity as they explore new ideas. Play centers such as blocks, dramatic play, a book corner, sensory and art, and small and big-muscle play encourage young children to touch, try, and think creatively.

Activities in this stimulating two-hour class / two days per week include: group welcome, circle songs and music, storytelling, large and small group activities, art and sensory play, as well as science and math exploration. Each class includes 30 minutes of gym time. Appropriate transitions between activities allow your child to recognize and become familiar with the structure of the day, and to look forward to the next activity.

Focusing on the relationships between physical, social/emotional, language, cognitive, and artistic development, the KVU philosophy and approach teaches children appropriate social skills needed for school and life. A small teacher-child ratio ensures individualized attention and a caring lap for each child as he or she makes the first transitions to separation and builds trusting relationships with his or her teachers.

Our teachers create a keepsake photobook for the entire class so they can remember their experiences with friends through pictures of their days at play in KVU!

KVU Prorated 2 weeks No purchase required to enroll

KVU 3rd - Friday No purchase required to enroll

Kidville University Fall'18 Deposit Purchase required to enroll

Kidville University Fall'18 - 3rd DayDeposit Purchase required to enroll